I am Keisa Campbell, Certified Professional Life Coach, author, speaker, mentor, retired master hairstylist, image consultant, mother and was recently crown Ms. Georgia in the Mr. & Mrs. & Ms. Black America pageant.  I, like you, wear many hats, and I understand the struggle all too well of trying to balance it all without losing myself in the process.  That used to be my story until I got really serious about "Beautiful Living."

One may instantly identify Beautiful Living with material things or outer beauty, but I know it to be a different kind of beauty - the kind that can't be bought from a store.  In fact, it can only be developed from within.

The elements of Beautiful Living will show differently on everyone, but for all, it's knowing your purpose and operating in it.  Beautiful Living is when you have a clear vision, life balance, and a priority on self-care.  Beautiful Living is when you can present yourself to the world with confidence and know that your life is an inspiration to others.


I firmly believe that women are more than just daughters, wives and mothers; women also have dreams and goals that require planning, focus and nurturing.  I am dedicated to helping women discover their purpose, achieve work-life balance, uncover who they really are underneath it all, and show up with brilliance.

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Keisa Campbell

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