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Get unstuck from survival mode and
start living a more fulfilled life.

You have been attending motivational conferences, watching self-help videos, and you have a library full of personal development books. All of that has led to temporary emotions of feeling good but none of this has led to a beautiful living. 

  • You continue to doubt yourself even after writing down your plans multiple times. 

  • You have a vision in your head of what you want to do and you keep talking about it instead of executing.

  • You find it really difficult to stay disciplined and follow through on your plans.

  • You're stagnant, depressed, directionless, and nervous that things will remain the same. 

You're still stuck because you continue to prioritize fear and doubt instead of faith and discipline.  


I believe in life by design

Hi, I am Keisa Campbell. I’m a beauty coach, life strategist, and the CEO of Beautiful Living®.


I help women of faith discover their identity while fine-tuning vision and unlocking their purpose for a more fulfilling life. I like to call it Beautiful Living. 

Beautiful Living is a holistic wellness brand created to impact, inspire and help women of faith live more fulfilling lives.


Beautiful Living Awaits…

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Work with me

It’s time to stop self-sabotaging and living life without direction and create a life that you will never need a vacation from.


Let's work together over a period of 3-months to discover who you are, map out your vision, and execute your game plan for a more fulfilling life.

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Jackie W.
USA Miss National


Keisa's program was so beneficial to me. She is understanding and encouraging. Working with Keisa helped me to reach deep into my core desires. She helped me to achieve my goal of work-life balance. I highly recommend this program.


Candace N.
Voice Over Artist

Keisa listens, loves, encourages, and supports. She inspires me to make goals and holds me accountable for staying focused on the plan. Before attending her events and working with Keisa, I had no positive clear direction. Working with her, I became clear on my vision for my life and focused. She introduced me to new opportunities.

Andi pic.jpg

Andrea O.
Serial Entrepreneur

Keisa is an amazing coach. Her coaching program and events are life-changing. She empathizes and insists that you reach your greatest potential. After working with Keisa, I walked away with a clear understanding of my purpose, clear direction, and with accomplished goals. Working with Keisa never disappoints.

What clients are saying

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