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You are moving but you’re not seeing progress in your life. Your attention and your energy are spread in many different places that do not align with your purpose, so you feel spent. You feel like you are just going through the motions. You are not experiencing the fruit that you get when you are in purpose, and you don’t feel fulfilled because there’s nothing you are doing to pour back into yourself. 

You need a life overhaul…a purpose plan and strategy that’s unique to you so that you can live out your beautiful life.



You haven’t taken the time to identify that because your attention is on other things. You haven’t dedicated the time and attention to yourself. You feel directionless. You feel unclear. You started off with goals and a plan and gave up on it. Time is passing by, and you still haven’t moved the needle and there is no evidence of growth. You need to PRIORITIZE yourself and DEFINE what a beautiful life looks like.


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I was at a very critical crossroads in my life when I contacted Keisa to seek her help. I had lived in Atlanta for over 20 years and felt that I had done everything there was to do and I was really stuck and feeling directionless. Keisa coached and guided me. I moved overseas to Dubai and now I'm living my best life. If not for the coaching that Keisa provided, I could not have made the decision to move to Dubai. I can't thank Keisa enough.
- Dr. Dawn S., Instructional Leader

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The Beautiful Living Roadmap is a 90-Day hybrid program consisting of mentoring, coaching, and consulting. During the program, you will experience intensive coaching and accountability around crystalizing your vision, defining your goals, and creating a strategy to achieve a fulfilled life using my 4 Phase Framework to Beautiful Living. 



The BEAUTIFUL LIVING ROADMAP PROGRAM is for women who are...


Ready to wake up with energy and passion to start your day...


Ready to get crystal clear on your vision for your life and execute a strategy to achieve it...


Ready to operate in your purpose...


Unfulfilled, lack confidence and are unmotivated...


Filling voids with the wrong stuff because there is no clear direction and fear that things will remain the same...


Stagnant, depressed, anxious about the future but know there has to be something better than what you are currently experiencing...


It's time SIS, that you experience the fruit that comes from operating in purpose so that you may exude more confidence and joy and live a life of fulfillment.


Areas I Coach

I coach in the areas of Purpose, Relationships, Resilience, Beauty, Business, and General Life


Stop being directionless, get on a purpose plan, and get on the path to achieving Beautiful Living.


You are just 1 step away from making a decision that will change your life!


Ready to work with me?

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