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About Me

Mom at 14, married at 21, and divorced by 40, Keisa Campbell is the epitome of resilience, femininity, and women empowerment. Teenage motherhood, birthing three daughters, and coaching girlfriends (since elementary) are what cultivated her maternal insight, journey to purpose, and passion for serving women. Keisa learned very early that giving up was not an option and that trials were only indicators of how bright her future would be.

Crowned Ms. Georgia 2019 in the Mr. & Mrs. Black America Pageant, she is a multi-talented speaker, life strategist, beauty coach, image consultant, and author. Keisa is the founder and CEO of Beautiful Living, a holistic wellness brand created to impact, inspire and help women live more significantly. Founded on seven pillars, Beautiful Living focuses on mental, spiritual, physical, relational, financial, career, and outward beauty. Through her brand, Keisa partners with women from all backgrounds to cultivate a healthy mindset and vision while defining purpose and strategies to live beautifully.

"Transformation starts in the mind, and living beautifully means transforming disempowering circumstances into positive life experiences."

-Keisa Campbell, Founder and CEO of Beautiful Living.

With over 20 years of experience transforming women's lives, she is a certified professional life coach with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. Featured in Voyage Atl and Shoutout Atlanta, Keisa is the author of Release the Style Within You and Recalculating Route.

Are you ready to experience a life where you are living a more fulfilled life?

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