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Look good, feel good.
Feel good, do good.

Welcome to your wardrobe makeover. I will show you how to look and feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the inside – maybe even better!

We’ll start with an initial phone consultation, so that I can gather some information on your current style and style goals. After the phone consultation, we’ll make plans to meet virtually or in-person for a closet makeover session.

Our closet makeover session begins with an evaluation of your current wardrobe, so that we can determine what to keep and what to donate. 


During the session, we’ll discuss styles that are most appropriate for your body type, colors that best complement your features, and ways to enhance your wardrobe to achieve your desired look. From there, I’ll put together looks from your wardrobe to give you fresh style inspiration. Then,
I’ll make a list of what pieces are needed to maximize your wardrobe – including clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The next step is an optional personal shopping session to build upon your wardrobe foundation. I’ll provide style education as we shop and take digital images for your reference, so that you can maintain your style and shop with ease after our work together is done.

  • Initial, 60-minute, phone consultation

  • 3-hour, closet makeover session

  • 2-hour, personal shopping session (optional)

  • Knowledge of what styles work best for you and what styles don’t

  • Expert style advice to enhance your style

  • A comprehensive shopping list of pieces needed to build and maximize your wardrobe


$500 (w/o 2-hour, personal shopping session)

$750 (w/ 2-hour, personal shopping session)

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