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I am Keisa Campbell, Certified Vision and Purpose Coach, life strategist, author, speaker, licensed master hairstylist, image consultant, mother, and Ms. Georgia Black America 2019. I hold a Bachelor's in Business Administration and I, like you, wear many hats, and I understand the struggle all too well of feeling stagnant, overwhelmed, depressed, insecure about my future, lacking purpose, financial struggles, lacking motivation, negative thoughts, feeling like I'm on a hamster wheel while trying to balance it all without losing myself in the process.  That used to be my story until I got really serious about "Beautiful Living™."

Beautiful Living™ is living and operating in your purpose and having a clear vision for a fulfilled life. The elements of Beautiful Living™ will show differently on everyone.

You see, I went from being a teen mom at age 14, to married at 21, and divorced at 40. Through every trial and tribulation, I created a new vision and persevered. 

I firmly believe that women are more than just daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, and friends; women also have dreams and goals that require planning, focus, and nurturing. I am dedicated to helping women of faith who desire joy, balance, happiness, and fulfillment, uncover who they really are underneath it all, fine-tune their vision and unlock their purpose for a beautiful life.  

Are you ready to experience a life where you are living a more fulfilled life?


Schedule a complimentary 20-minute call to see how I may assist you on your journey to Beautiful Living™!

Keisa Campbell Beauty and Life Purpose Coach
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