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"Walk Boldly, Beautifully, and Empowered.

That's the Vision God has for you."

with Keisa

Vision Workshop

This is more than just a vision board party; it’s a declaration of faith. It’s about stepping out of fear and into the fullness of what God has called you to. 

Are you ready to manifest your God-given dreams and visions? Join us for an inspiring and transformative Vision Party. Hosted by Keisa Campbell, author of “The Journey to Beautiful Living; Seven Pillars for Living a Fulfilled Life” and Founder & CEO of Beautiful Living.

Experience Levels




Keisa will guide you through a visioning exercise and introduce the seven pillars of Beautiful Living.

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Keisa will guide you through a visioning exercise and introduce the seven pillars of Beautiful Living.


  • Create Your Vision Workbook

  • Intimate Q&A Session

  • Complimentary Power Session

  • Giveaways!

VIP Access is $59

Empower Your God-Given Gifts

Every woman has been blessed with unique gifts from God. It's time to walk boldly, beautifully, and empowered in those gifts. At the end of the day, God wants us to live in abundance and be able to help others. Let's live and thrive in the victory He has given us!

Create Your Vision

Imagine waking up every day with a sense of clarity and direction, knowing that you are on a path that resonates deeply with your soul. Together, we can explore your passions, set meaningful goals, and build a roadmap that leads to fulfillment and joy. It's never too late to dream anew and to take those courageous steps toward the life you've always wanted.

Purpose and Prosperity

I believe that God has created every woman with a business inside of her. We are wonderfully unique and capable of many things. There’s a business within the calling God has placed on your life, and I am called to help you bring it out, to walk in your purpose this season, and to live a fulfilled life.

Self-Care and Growth

While you’re walking in your purpose, it's essential to take care of yourself. You’ve been building up everyone else and caring for everything around you – now it's time to focus on you. When God calls you to something, give it your all. Don't hold back or come half-stepping; reserve that for when you’re walking in your own will, not God's.

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