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Create your beautiful life in 90 days.

Cheers to the new you! Over the course of three months, I will work with you to create a blueprint for your beautiful life, focused on the areas of vision, purpose, presence, balance, and self-care.

For local clients, our initial session will take place in-person. During the 90-minute session, I will help you to flush out the vision for your life and based on your greatest needs, help you to set goals for our time together. I will meet with you virtually two times per month for 60-minutes to coach you through your opportunity points. I’ll also provide weekly accountability and wellness checks via email to make sure that you are focused and on target to achieve your goals.

Around Day 45, I will schedule a midpoint check-in with you to measure your progress and help you to adjust your plan and troubleshoot. You’ll also receive three, 15-minute, emergency calls to use as needed for unexpected things that arise that you need to talk through.

At the end of the three-month period, I will present you with your Blueprint for Beautiful Living, so that you can continue to walk out your beautiful transformation.

  • Initial, 90-minute, in-person, vision and goal-setting session (virtual if out-of-town)

  • (5) 60-minute, virtual coaching sessions

  • (3) 15-minute, emergency calls

  • Midpoint check-in and assessment

  • Blueprint for Beautiful Living

  • More confidence and happiness

  • No longer feel directionless or stuck

  • Less stress and overwhelm

  • Clarity and a plan for the future

Investment: $3,000
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