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Seven Days to Beautiful Living: Including God

Welcome to day 1 of Beautiful Living.

I believe that beautiful living is essential to a fulfilled life and that everyone should strive to live a beautiful life every do this you must include God.

Almost everyone makes plans. If you make a list of things to do or if you journal what you are going to do from day to day then you are a planner.

It is so important that we include God in every area of our lives. Often times we go about our day making plans for our lives that we haven't even talked to God about those plans. Now, it’s not wrong to make plans or plan ahead. It tells us in Genesis that Noah built the ark when it wasn’t raining but he knew that he had to have a plan to prepare for what was to come. Noah's plans were directed by God and God was the foundation for his plans as God should be the foundation to all of your plans too.

When you don’t include Him I believe that your dreams will not be fulfilled, your purpose may not be revealed. I believe that your plans will not manifest. Proverbs 16:3 says commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.

Your plans should never be made independently of the Lord. As you sense God’s leading, commit your plans to the Lord. Bring them to him and lay them before him and then God promises your plans will succeed.

There are two ways to go through life, by yourself without God or with God. I don't know anyone that has made it very far without God but if you decide to go through life with God this means that you are willing to lay aside your own desires and allow Him to lead.

Have you ever found yourself being disappointed because your plans failed? God seems to have a way of disrupting the plans that we have made and have not taken Him into account. Then suddenly you find yourself going to Him because you realize that you have been making plans with Him. God is a God that loves, cares and want nothing but the best for you.

To commit your plans to Lord means to speak to him about His plans for your life, it means to make plans together with Him. Every morning plan to commit your plans to Him. Ask him to direct and bless your plans or redirect you so that you can operate in accordance to His will for your life.

Until Next Time!


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